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Big Biffy Challenge

Big Biffy Challenge

It's Here... Only @ Biff's

Big Biffy ChallengeWant to try a challenge that no one else has been able to conquer?  Then head down to Biff's Sports Bar in Spring Lake Park, MN to give the Big Biffy Challenge a try.  This GIGANTIC BURGER will keep you glued to your seat as you shovel over 3 pounds of meat down your pie hole!

Challenge:  The Big Biffy Challenge consists of Grilled Cheese and Bacon buns, 3 lbs of burger, bacon, pulled pork, 14 slices of cheese & 1 lb of French Fries on the side.

Prize for Finishing:  Your meal is FREE ($34.99 value).  $50 Gift Card.  Your picture will be hung up on the Wall of Fame for all to see.

Rules:  You will have 45 minutes to eat the Meal - YOU and ONLY YOU can eat the meal... NO SHARING.  You must keep everything down for 15 minutes after completion. No going to the restroom during the Challenge.  If you can't complete the Challenge, you must pay for the meal, and you win nothing.  Be sure to ask your server before attempting the Big Biffy Challenge.


Electronic Pull Tabs Now Available @ Biffs!





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